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Get it right just one time and you could be set for life.

Investing in junior mining companies is one of the quickest ways to get rich - practically overnight - provided you buy at the right time.

It’s not uncommon for a company that stumbles onto a huge high-grade asset to see their share price shoot up 1,000% or more, in months instead of years.

But the best time to buy junior mining companies is right after a major bear market low, before the next bull market begins.

Here’s what I mean:

In January 2016, gold and silver mining companies put in a major bottom and have now risen 500% to 1,000% in less than 8 months.


Sandstorm: Up 242%
Brazil Resources: Up 696%
First Majestic: Up 697%
Coeur Mining: Up 912%

Those kinds of gains can be life changing.

As a case in point, my colleague here at our firm was predicting a bottom in gold and silver miners and loaded up on shares in Coeur Mining on January 21, 2016 at $1.69 per share.

Today Coeur trades for $13 per share - a seven-fold increase.

Trust me, whether you experience $5K growing to $38K, $10K to $76K or $100K swelling into $769,000 in less than a year - it’s both exhilarating and financially liberating.

Here’s the good news. Even though some junior miners have recently seen their share price rise by 300 to 900%, the bull market is just getting started.

Here’s what I mean. During the 1979-1981 bull market the average gain among junior miners was 2,313%.

During the 1981-1983 bull run, the average gain was 4,081%.

And in the mid 90’s bull market, share prices jumped an average of 3,873%.

So it’s not too late to get in on the action. The best part is, the junior miner I’m going to share with you hasn’t exploded higher so many others.

There’s a good reason why, which I’ll explain just ahead.

So for now, you can still buy this company near the bottom, but it is urgent. Once it begins to move it will happen very quickly.

After the last bear market low in 2008, the share price of this small cap miner rose from $0.27 to $7.50 in just over two years.

That’s a 2,677% increase and enough to turn every $50,000 into over $1,330,000.

Imagine making a small one-time investment into a super safe junior miner like this one and watching it grow into over a million dollars in just a few years.

Now maybe you don’t have $50,000, but even $10,000 would have grown into over $267,000.

Which still goes a long way toward paying off debt, funding your retirement or buying that second home

Right now the share price is down -62% from its old high and is trading “dirt cheap.” However, all indicators are pointing to a possible 300% rise… which could happen in as little as 12 months.

But it won’t stop there. Ultimately, I believe the share price of this particular junior miner will rise by 1,000% and possibly as much as 4,000% from today’s price. Here’s why:

The two metals this company specializes in are two of the most
important economic metals in the world and both have gaping
supply deficits over the next 20 years
- unlike anything we’ve ever
seen in modern history.

Once the market begins to recognize this massive shortfall, the share price of this little resource company will skyrocket, which I believe will start this year.

Now to be fair, investing in the resource sector isn’t for the faint of heart.

There will be volatility along the way, but early investors who buy near the bottom (now) will be sitting on large profits to help cushion future volatility shocks.

What makes this company so attractive, especially for more conservative investors, is it has no debt, is among the lowest cost producers in the world, and is flush with cash on its balance sheet.

In other words, as far as junior mining companies go, this company is blue-chip grade. It even pays a 5% dividend, which the company grew by 100% during this last devastating bear market.

I can't think of another junior miner that even paid a dividend, let alone doubled it during one of the worst bear markets in the history of the resource sector.

Here's the thing, they can fund the dividend for the next 5 years without dipping into earnings, just from their huge war chest of cash sitting on the balance sheet.

Plus they have one of the most experienced management teams in the industry and outperformed the TSX Global Mining Index by 40% throughout the downturn.

These same insiders, who intimately know what they have their hands on, have a ton of skin in the game and own 19% of the shares outstanding.

In short the company is:

  • Debt free.
  • Has tons of cash on hand.
  • Pays a huge 5% dividend.
  • Management owns nearly 20%.
  • They specialize in two scarce resources... about to become “super scarce.”
  • Outperformed the sector by 40% during gut-wrenching bear market.
  • Has just put in a bear market low.
  • Is on the brink of a 300 to 1,000% move in the very near future.

In my entire career, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things going for a company. The way I see it, becoming a “10-bagger” is almost a foregone reality.

I’ve compiled all of my research into a new report called The Copper Jewel. Just ahead, I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on your very own copy absolutely free.

Yes this junior miner specializes in copper and zinc with some gold too. And even though investors haven’t yet recognized it, I believe investing in copper and zinc right now could prove to be the trade of the decade.

You see, just like gold and silver, the price of copper has been clobbered over the last 5 years. Down -55% from the 2011 high.

And while gold and silver have already started to recover, in large part because of all the monetary easing the world over, the price of copper hasn’t yet started its new uptrend.

But the bottom is almost definitely in place and copper is now basing; getting ready to move much much higher.

And I’m not the only one who sees a huge wealth creating opportunity investing in copper.

Arguably The Single Greatest Investor Has Just Gone “All In” on Copper

On Thursday, August 27, 2015 Bloomberg wrote the following:

Icahn amassed about 8.5 percent of the international natural resources company [Freeport McMoRan], the investor disclosed Thursday in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

At the time of purchase in late July 2015, Freeport McMoRan was trading around $12 per share which would make Carl Icahn's stake worth approximately $1.15 billion. He then added to his position in September, just a few months later.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Carl Icahn now owns 100 million shares of Freeport-McMoRan and is the largest shareholder.

Many investors erroneously believe that Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. Please understand, I’m not hating on Mr. Buffett, but his historical returns have averaged 19% compared to 27% for Carl Ichan.

The way I see it, the greatest investor of all-time, based on historical returns, is making one of the largest bets in his entire career on rising copper prices.

Now you might be asking why I’m not recommending an investment in Freeport McMoRan?

There are several reason why I’m not:

  • They have over $19 Billion in debt.
  • Only $338 Million in cash.
  • They pay nearly $700 million in annual interest expense.
  • And they completely suspended their dividend.

Now to be fair, I do believe the share price of Freeport has hit bottom, that the company will survive, and the share price will move higher over time.

They own one of the world’s best trophy assets-The Grasberg Mine-which is the largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world.

So for an activist investor like Ichan, who may acquire a board seat and shake things up, It makes sense.

Plus, Ichan could buy the entire junior miner featured in The Copper Jewel and still not put $1 billion to work in copper. He needs a much larger company like Freeport McMoRan with a market cap of $16 billion.

However, Freeport is simply too leveraged and doesn’t meet the definition of high quality and safety that you and I should insist on. Not to mention, at it’s current size, it's near impossible to become a “10-bagger.”

“Top Shelf” Miner On Sale For Pennies On The Dollar

The junior mining company featured in The Copper Jewel has a market cap under $1 billion and could move ten-fold and still only be half the size of Freeport.

Not to mention, they would make a great acquisition target for a company like Freeport. It is one the most efficient mining companies that exists today and is trading “dirt cheap” because panicked investors have ignorantly sold it in a frenzy.

And because copper prices are still basing before moving higher, the share price hasn’t exploded higher like gold and silver producers.

But the low share price won’t last long... this opportunity is urgent!

Interestingly, this company started out primarily as a gold producer, and still produces a fair amount of gold, but in 2013 management transitioned into copper production as well. Their timing couldn’t have been better.

Yes copper prices have dropped since the transition, mostly due to fears over a slowdown in China, who consumes roughly 40% of worldwide production.

However, when we ignore the short-term noise and look at the longer term picture, an investment in this company right now looks like a godsend. Here’s why:

Copper is one of the most important economic raw materials with uses ranging from power lines and building construction, to general wiring, electronic products, transportation equipment, consumer and general products, as well as industrial and machinery equipment.

And the slowdown in China isn’t as bad as the media is portraying it to be, or the panic in the markets make it appear. Which is precisely why this is such an incredible opportunity.

China’s annual GDP has been hovering near 7% for years, which is a dream come true for most world economies.

However, when Beijing recently released an update on the most recent quarterly economic growth it showed that GDP had slowed from 7.0% to 6.9%. Certainly nothing to panic about.

The reason for the slowdown is the government wants to shift the Chinese economy from an “investment in infrastructure” and “export” economy, to a more domestic consumption driven economy, so there has been fewer building projects.

Even with the slowdown, Chinese copper demand is forecasted to grow by 4.5% over the next twelve months, and the Chinese government plans to spend $300 billion over the next four years to upgrade its power grid.

Demand from the power sector alone accounted for nearly half of all Chinese copper consumption over the past year.

Yes the Chinese economy is slowing down from the blistering pace of the last decade, but it’s still growing quite quickly compared to other world economies. Furthermore, India is today where China was 10 years ago.

And I believe any resulting slowdown in China will be compensated by future growth in India, whose GDP is only 1/5th of China, but today is the world’s fastest growing economy.

Copper’s Future Looks Bright

The panic in the market, over the slowdown in China, is just short-term noise. Longterm demand for copper is huge and future supplies are very tight.

They say the best cure for a low commodity price is a low commodity price. When prices are low, producers shut down their highest cost projects.

Glencore’s recent announcement to reduce mined copper by 455,000 tons by the end of 2017 is a perfect example, and will remove 4.5% of global copper production.

Richard C. Adkerson, CEO of Freeport McMoRan, is also bullish on copper prices for the long term. He recently said:

Chinese consumption of copper remains significant. Our physical business there, and actually globally, is relatively strong, stronger than the sense you would get by looking at the financial markets’ view of the situation… the facts are that the copper business differs from other commodities in that there is not an enormous excess supply in inventories.

In my opinion, and I’m not alone, the long-term health of the copper market is strong and robust. This chart tells the entire story:

As you can see, the 10 million tonne deficit over the next 12-15 years is unlike anything we’ve seen in the last 23 years… or ever for that matter.

The small copper deficits you see starting in 2003 through about 2006 (small blue circle) sent copper prices from about $0.75 cents a pound to over $3.00 a pound. That’s a 300% increase in just over 2 years.

When you compare how small that deficit was then, with the gigantic future deficit that lies just ahead, you can see the enormity of the opportunity for copper investors. Say nothing of the gold and other natural resources this company mines.

Because financial markets are forward looking, I believe the market will start pricing in the massive future deficit right now, even though it is still about a year out.

In addition to the financial fortress this small mining company has built around its business, it’s also in the lowest quartile in terms of cost of production. That means it pulls copper and gold out of the ground cheaper than 75% of its competitors.

Couple that with the operating efficiency of the management team and you have a formidable floor underneath the price of this stock which outperformed the S&P/TSX Metals & Mining Index by 40% last year.

If all that weren’t enough, last year this company made its first foray into producing zinc, another very valuable natural resource with limited supply. In fact, the future gap between supply and demand for zinc is even more daunting than that of copper.

This little mining gem is positioned perfectly and holds about four times more zinc than it does copper, which should prove to be a cash cow for years to come.

Since the January 2016 low zinc is already up 56% and copper will soon follow, with both metals ultimately rising by hundreds of percent and the junior miners potentially moving 1,000 - 4,000%.

Investor Panic Creates An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Investors in the mining sector have overreacted to the slowdown in China and the panic has sent the price of copper, precious metals, and other natural resources to 5 year lows.

Maybe the crash in some natural resources such as steel and iron ore are justified, given the massive glut of oversupply and slowing demand.

But that’s just not true for copper and it’s creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on a junior mining company on the verge of exploding higher and potentially becoming the next “10-bagger.”

Copper is one of the most important economic metals. By taking advantage of today’s low share price, you’re not only taking advantage of one of the best and most efficient mining companies in the world, with a large and sustainable dividend and war chest of cash, you’re doubling down with a “high quality’ industrial metal as well.

Opportunities like this are rare. Which is why billionaires like Carl Ichan back up the truck and bet big when they do come along. Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller said it best when he said:

Soros has taught me that when you have tremendous conviction on a trade, you have to go for the jugular.

That’s exactly what I believe Carl Ichan is doing right now with a one billion dollar bet on rising copper prices. But for the average investor Freeport McMoRan is just too risky... and unnecessary when safer companies like the one I’m talking about exist.

The last time the metals and mining sector reached a bear market low, this safe mining company saw its share price rise from $0.27 to over $7.50 in only 2 years.

That’s a 2,677% increase and enough to turn every $10,000 invested into over $267,000. Every $50,000 balloons into over $1,330,000 in only 2 years!

Those are life changing returns you may never find anywhere else. The reason your returns can be so astronomical, is because miners have a tremendous amount of built-in leverage to the price of the metal they produce.

For example, Freeport McMoRan recently reported that every $0.10 cent rise in the price of copper results in an additional $360 million in annual cash flow.

And because this junior copper, gold, and zinc producer is debt free with a huge stockpile of cash, it’s well positioned to not only survive the downturn, but to actually thrive by making smart acquisitions from overleveraged and desperate companies.

The share price is down -62% from its old high. I believe investors who get in now have the potential to multiply their wealth ten-fold... and the 5% cash dividend you get paid year after year is just icing on the cake.

I’ve compiled my entire research into an exclusive report called The Copper Jewel. In just a moment I’m going to tell you how you can get your hands on your very own copy absolutely free. But first let me introduce myself.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me

My name is Thomas Moore and I started my career in the 90s with one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world where I was consistently in the top 10% nationally for new money under management.

After the dotcom bust, I shifted my focus to trading stocks and derivatives. Over the next decade, I worked for an investment education company which would later be acquired by one of the largest U.S.-based online brokers.

I was instrumental in developing their highly sought after curriculum where individuals would pay as much as $20,000 to learn to become an expert trader.

I’ve personally taught more than a thousand students throughout the United States and Canada the building blocks to become better traders and investors.

Throughout my tenure as a trading coach I’ve developed various systems for trading both stocks and derivatives, and created more than a dozen different educational courses on every aspect of trading and investing.

I’ve even authored or co-authored several books including Building Wealth in a Changing Economy and Bulletproof Investing in a Recession.

Today I work for Investiv, an investment research company, where I’m the Chief Editor of Rebel Income, a weekly investment newsletter dedicated to helping everyday investors shave years off of their retirement by using an unconventional, yet very safe strategy to generate consistent monthly income from undervalued blue-chip companies.

I’ve been publishing Rebel Income for two years and it now has one of the most coveted track records in the industry. Currently I’ve closed 98 out of 101 winning trades (97% winning rate) and given my subscribers the opportunity to earn tens of thousands in spendable income.

In fact, over the last two years a subscriber following every one of my income picks would be up 79% compared to only 12% for the S&P 500.

Please understand, I’m not trying to brag. I’m hoping to instill confidence in you knowing this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been around the block a time or two, and know exactly what to look for to identify deeply undervalued companies with big upside potential.

Unfortunately Rebel Income is expensive ($1,995 per year) and out of reach for many individual investors. So my colleagues here at Investiv have asked me to launch a second newsletter, Retirement Revival.

It will be a monthly, rather than weekly publication, but will use the exact same method I use in Rebel Income to uncover strong and safe companies that I believe are selling for pennies on the dollar, yet are incredibly safe and could experience significant price appreciation over a 2 to 5 year horizon.

Here’s what a few of my
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I can honestly say I’m really impressed with your advice. Thanks.

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Each company you’ll read about will share certain characteristics proven to compound wealth much faster than the general stock market.

Things such as a low price to book value, high cash-flow yields, high dividend yields, hidden assets on the balance sheet and several other key factors that create a huge margin of safety and keep your capital safe and compounding at all times.

Based on my strict set of criteria, the small copper, gold, and zinc mining company profiled in my new report The Copper Jewel, is one of the most undervalued and best investing opportunities I’ve ever uncovered throughout my entire career.

The share price could easily double or even triple and still be considered fairly valued, even if the price of copper doesn’t move at all.

But copper won’t stay at these depressed levels for long. Once it starts moving higher, this little mining gem could easily move ten-fold and turn every $5,000 into over $50,000 - and it could happen in less than a year.

Retirement Revival has one goal in mind: To help individual investors, with underfunded retirement accounts, accomplish in only a few short years what it takes most investors decades to achieve.

However, Retirement Revival is not for short-term traders and gunslingers who take on big risks in highly speculative companies or growth stocks hoping to hit the mother load on the next big thing.

Safety, Value, Capital Growth... And Good Karma

The general approach to wealth creation I utilize in Retirement Revival will always seek safety, value, and preservation of capital first but won’t sacrifice the potential for substantial capital growth and price appreciation.

I hope you understand, I can’t in good conscience disclose the name of the specific company profiled in The Copper Jewel. That’s reserved for new charter subscribers to Retirement Revival.

But I want you to know, I truly believe copper, gold, and zinc have all reached a major inflection point where future demand will far outstrip future supply… and prices will skyrocket.

I sincerely want you to benefit from rising copper prices whether you decide to subscribe to Retirement Revival or not.

I’m convinced that when you look back in 3 to 5 years, you’ll realize that investing in copper and zinc right now will prove to have been one of the most profitable wealth creating opportunities in the last 30 years.

The easiest way for the average investor to take advantage of the coming bull market in copper and zinc is to buy the Powershares Base Metals ETF (DBB) which is 33% copper, 33% zinc, and 33% aluminum.

Now to be fair, I don’t believe DBB has anywhere near the upside potential as the junior miner featured in The Copper Jewel.

Furthermore, the Powershares Base Metals fund (DBB) doesn’t pay a dividend, while the junior mining company I’m recommending pays a dividend that’s over 5%.

However, an investor willing to buy DBB... and hold for the next 3 to 5 years, still has the opportunity, in my opinion, to potentially double their money.

I also believe that the stock market is in the process of forming a major long-term top before ushering in another gut wrenching bear market.

In addition to offering huge upside potential, the metals and mining sector will act as a “safe haven” for your money as institutions rotate out of an overpriced stock market and into an undervalued mining sector.

And as soon as the market recognizes the huge gap that exists between the future supply and demand for both copper and zinc, the share price of DBB could easily double and maybe triple.

Of course that pales in comparison to the potential gains in the junior miner revealed in The Copper Jewel, which I believe could move ten-fold or more.

Now you may be wondering why I would give you a safe copper and zinc pick like DBB absolutely free? I’m a big believer in good karma.

Even if you decide not to become a subscriber to Retirement Revival right now, but you invest in DBB-or even just paper trade it, and watch it double or triple in value-maybe the next time you’re given the opportunity to subscribe to Retirement Revival you’ll join me.

Of course the subscription rate will be much higher by then since this is an introductory offer for new charter subscribers.

For those who decide to join me now, and become a charter subscriber to Retirement Revival, not only will I rush you a free copy of The Copper Jewel, I’m also including two additional bonus items absolutely free.

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In this unique report, prepared exclusively for new subscribers to Retirement Revival, I reveal five time-tested and proven techniques to help you dramatically improve the timing of your entry when buying high quality companies at or near a bear market low.

These techniques also work to spot market tops and can be applied to just about any market including equities, commodities, natural resources, bonds, and even currencies.

They accurately identified stock market tops in 2000 and again in 2007, as well as the bottoms that followed in 2003 and 2009. They even pinpointed the top in real estate back in 2005 - 2006.

Right now these five pillars are signaling a major low in copper, precious metals, and several other natural resources.

Buying high quality resource companies today, like the one I outline in The Copper Jewel, could prove to be one of the best wealth creating opportunities in the last 30 years... and an absolute game changer when it comes to boosting your retirement savings.

And once you learn the five pillars of market timing, found only in this exclusive report, you’ll be able to accurately pinpoint market bottoms in just about any market... all on your own.

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I’ve just uncovered another Bargain Blue Chip that’s trading 35% below its book value... and based on my safety-first analysis, it’s an incredible BUY.

This tech company is a global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services to individual consumers and businesses of all sizes, including customers in the government, health, and education sectors.

Earnings and Revenue have been declining over the past year, like most companies in its industry group. But this temporary situation is why this company is such a screaming buy right. now.

According to Warren Buffett, return on equity (ROE) is one of the most important factors in making successful stock investments... and anything above 14% is desirable. The ROE for this Bargain Blue Chip is a whopping 24%.

But its free cash flow analysis is what will really have you stand up and take notice. The current cash-flow yield is more than 50% when viewed against their total market cap. For comparison sake, Apple’s cash-flow yield is only 10%

And finally, this company’s dividend yield sits at an incredible 5.05% - more than twice that of the S&P 500. In today’s zero interest rate world, that’s a very lucrative income stream that should only grow larger and larger for shareholders of this incredible blue chip bargain.

This company is an industry leading blue chip we’re talking about—and it recently plunged 25%-so now is the perfect time to snap it up. When the market recovers, there’s every reason to believe this stock will too.

If the market stays flat... this stock will go up. If the market crashes or goes into a bear market… you’ve got a powerful safety net to avoid any major loss... since it is already trading well below its book value. Even if the stock only rallies back to match its book value it would hand you a nice 64% gain.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much all of this will cost. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it’s actually much less than you might think.

When you consider that a one-year subscription to Retirement Revival normally sells for $97, not to mention your 3 exclusive reports:

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Have a combined value of $67, that’s a total value of $164. Then to consider that the small cap mining gem revealed in The Copper Jewel could potentially multiply a small $5,000 investment into over $50,000, you can see why all of this would still be an incredible bargain at the full price of $164.

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A fourth bonus report, The Ultimate Crash-Proof Investment ($29 value), that I’m including absolutely free. In this special report I reveal an “under the radar” asset class that actually increased in value during both the dotcom and subprime busts and is a better inflation hedge than gold.

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Unfortunately, this asset class is only available to accredited investors, willing to invest a minimum of $5 million. However, I have uncovered a “backdoor” way for you to get involved in this lucrative market.

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Now that we’ve covered the details, I just need to know where to send your 12 monthly issues of Retirement Revival, plus your four bonus reports The Copper Jewel, The Five Pillars of Market Timing, The #1 Bargain Blue Chip to Buy Right Now for Retirement, and The Ultimate Crash-Proof Investment.

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Thomas Moore
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